Multidiscipline of our MIND has shown the way which takes us to the world of WISDOM. It has further evolved a system with in and outside us which could culminate in a specific theory of triple L action for the 21st century D.C. Varshney Institute of Law and Indology set up in 2002 has come out of its infancy to attain adulthood. By establishing four departments under its banner, the institute is moving with the innovative thought to bring remarkable change in present day education system. The five departments are namely: one Department of Philosophy and Psychology two: Astrophysics, Astronomy and Astrology three: Department of Music and dance. Four: Legal Science Management. Here we start with Department of Legal Science Management from the next fall i.e. [2013-2014], five: Department of Pure Sciences. Multidisciplinary approach gives a new insight. Courses in the Institute for various degrees – course content for LLB, LLM and LLD are not sufficient to cater to the needs of present day state art system, full intricacies of Information communication technology (ICT). Therefore we need to replace it by high tech system of training and methodology to support the age old Pedagogy – a science of learning through teaching and instructional training. Therefore the new nomenclature for LLB is BLSM, for LLM, MLSM, LLD, and DLSM. It must not be forgotten that the innovative MIND of the present century is capable of doing millions of miracles.

Here we start with the framing of the two courses as Bachelor of Legal Science Management (BLSM) and Master of Legal Science Management (MLSM) under the able guidance of well equipped faculty members [For the Session 2013-2014].

  • Under Graduate (BLSM), eligibility, qualification for this course is Plus II with minimum of 55% in Intermediate.
  • Post Graduate (MLSM), Any person who has done graduation in Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering or Medicine with 55% of marks in the final examinations shall be eligible to apply for Master of Legal Science Management course.
  • Doctoral, Ph.D. and LLD.(Eligibility is as per the University guidelines).
  • Inter disciplinary Diplomas
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Personal Management ((DLPM)
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Training and Development (DTD)
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM), Eligibility: Graduate from any discipline.
  • Short-term courses shall be conducted to improve language and communication skill and prepare them for various professions in the corporate.


Multi cultural aspect of the Indian society is the most fertile ground to give birth to a strong value system and to guide and control various human activities.

In the year 2002, DCV was set up as a research & training institute- Institute of Law and Indology – C-218, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India in the memory of late Dr. D.C. Varshney (Professor – Emeritus, University of Lucknow, UP, India.)In 2001, under the aegis of DCV, Varshney Publications was also established. With multidisciplinary approach the Research Centre has completed a decade since its establishment.

DCV is a rendezvous of multi-disciplines of the human mind from where has emerged a concept of “Legal-Science Management” for the present century. Each and every discipline has a legal significance to explore the word of knowledge. For example, we have Legal history, Legal Psychology, Legal Sciences, Legal Anthropology etc. DCV strives for a name for Legal-Science management studies for the corporate-commercial world. A special care has been taken to teach, research and explore cyber laws relating to the cyber crimes. Spirituality and non spirituality are the two zones of our mind to explore wisdom relating to man God and nature.

It must be made clear at the outset that in the Indian Universities, teaching philosophy and methodology is basically content based i.e. relies on the age old system of pedagogy where substantive laws with procedural aspects are of prime important. At DCV, we pay more attention to the teaching of Substantive-Procedural laws and its application in the present day world where the human mind is becoming more and more process based the practical training for law professionals have become most important aspect of Law teaching as a whole. This would be imparted through Moot-courts where mock trials are conducted to equip the students with the fundamentals of legal norms in the corporate era of advanced science and technology.

The minimum skill set required for a law graduate to work as a legal professional in the court, law firm, LPO Company, as legal officers in bank, financial service-Insurance, legal/market research is insured through the training, philosophy and methodology. This is being achieved through a systematic on job training (OJT), process and Summer-training. Quality of training delivery is ensured through proper training intervention and methodology this includes effective use of multimedia, power point presentation, story boards, group discussions, case studies, vestibule training, class presentations and Moot Courts.

At DCV, Communication skill’s development programs for the students are given priority over day today class room teaching. Language-Law-Literature are the three aspects to empower, individual self. We equip our student with special training programs in the Institute.

Courses & Programmes

Reproduction to Evolution is the process of construction, where Love-Life-Law is one and only theory for human development”.

At DCV, we introduce Bachelor of Legal Science Management (BLSM) and Master of Legal Science Management (MLSM), which are the two courses to throw light on innovative aspect of the society.

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