President's Message

It has been a matter of great pleasure to be associated with D.C. Varshney Institute of Indology. This organisation is the brain child of prof. S.K.Varshney “Preet” whose vision and foresightedness coupled with her extreme literary ability is a great moving force behind the organisation which would show the soul and mind the new avenues. The brain have a special zone which if stimulated can actually make people see God. There are some areas meant solely for translating religious experience.

Spiritual legalism of ‘Preet’ can provide specific guidelines for human healing. Teaching imparted through the courses offered by the Institute will prove to be best to evolutionary aspect of the society for which I wish her all success to guide the organisation.


“ Victory over evil is the task
Remove the confusion mask
Dawn is not far off ”.


Virendra Kumar Sharma
Commandant BSF Rtd.