Research & Publications

Research pertains to structuring of value system for the state-art-technology world of action classic work of the century is full of legal theory [Jurisprudence for the corporate world].

Research Highlights

The institute is a pioneer research center for Legal-Science Management studies. Multi disciplinary approach of the human mind has wide opened the doors of wisdom in the era of state of art technology which is fast heading towards the nano-technology.

Keeping all this in view, DCV Institute of Law and Indology is keen to explore the various fields of pure sciences as well as social sciences. This exploration in the world of knowledge full of emotions and intellect has given enough opportunity to probe deep in self, striving to reach the super –self.

The institute has developed a specific curriculum for various topics for PhD’s in upcoming disciplines such as Corporate Commercial Laws, Cyber Laws & Cyber Crimes, Forensic Sciences including Fingerprint & DNA testing, Intellectual Property, laws relating to space technologies etc for Undergraduate/Post-graduate/Doctoral Studies.

Syed Sabiri Memorial Indology School in Dubaga, Lucknow and R.B. Memorial School in Daulat Ganj, Lucknow

R.B. Memorial School at Daulat Ganj, Lucknow & Syed Sabri Memorial Indology School at Dubbaga, are imparting primary and secondary education to the students, who mainly belong to the weaker sections of the society. A lot of emphasis is given by the Principal & the teachers at the school on moral & physical education. This is evident in day to day activities conducted by the school to build up the character, more suitable to the present age of information and communication technology (ICT).

To evolve a system of cultural ethics as a unifying force to bring Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christians of the thickly populated area of old Lucknow in the fold of spiritual legalism as a philosophy of 21st cen.“Protect the weak & meek “is our first & foremost norm.

DCV Institute of Law & Indology has initiated a scheme of setting up of Indology schools in old Lucknow with a vision to eradicate poverty through literacy. In that process, RB Meomrial Indology School was established in the year 2005-06 at Daulatganj, Lucknow(UP,India).It has about 200 students(KG-ClsssVIII).

Syed Sabri Memorial Indoly School was setup later n the year 2007-08 at Dubagga,Thakurganj(Near Kanpur Bypass Lucknow). This school is running on the same pattern with the strength of about 200 students through a team of qualified teachers.

The prime concern of the Indology schools is to develop a vocational education system which caters to the socio economic needs of the society. Its through education alone, that we shall be able to build a national character of the students which will in turn empower them to face the ever-growing challenges whci are endangering the fabric of personhood. Lets prepare ourselves to combat all the negative forces by inculcating truthfulness & sincerity towards the humanity.

Life is a Law school where Love is taught as a subject”, with this vibration we are mobilizing individuals to work on a common platform to unify the diverse forces & realize the truth of life as humanity to end all that falls in category of inhuman activities.

Seminars & annual conferences are held at the institute to create an awareness to meet the challenges of life.

Conferences, Seminars & Book Releases

The following events are the highlights for the major achievements of the institute :

Hindu Vigyan Evam Vidhi- Released on 18th-June-2001- At Raj Bhawan Nainitaal, Uttaranchal India- By H.E.Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala Ji.

Preet Sagar, Apkritya Vidhi- Released on 19th-Jan-2002- At RajBhawan DehraDoon, Uttaranchal India- By H.E.Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala Ji.

Prem Kavya Aviral Sarita - Released on 7th-July-2002- At Malviya Hall, Lucknow University- By H.E.Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala Ji.

Moksha, Mind, Jogan, Dard, Pyaas, Preet Teri Arzoo- Released on 9th-Apr-2003- At the inauguration of DCV Institute of Law & Indology at C-218 Nirala Nagar, Lucknow.(UP) –By H.E. Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri Ji, Governor of UP.India.

Origin of Indology :Orissa, Spirituallegalism: Love, Life, Law - Released on 8th-July-2009- At Sanskrit Vishwavidyala, JaganNath Puri Orissa- By H.E. Shri Murali Dhar Bhandare ji.